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Question Charles Atlas?

Anyone use in their youth or currently Charles Atlas dynamic tension exercises?

Due to some chronic injuries/conditions I have developed, had a esteemed medical professional with a SOF background recommend I stop lifting weights, and focus on isometric exercise.
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He was a phoney shyster. Isometrics on their own won't do much for you. They're better for helping overcome sticking points or building back stability in conjunction with an all round program.

I'd run away from an MD that made that recommendation. Full range of motion exercise has been proven time and again to be healthier for most everyone. If you have movements that you can't do, skip them and do those you can. Work on pain free movement concurrently. You can thank me later.
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I've been doing them since the 70s as part of my training, great for explosiveness and getting the mind into the movement. They've always been one component of the training though, I would at least try to incorporate Indian clubs or a mace into the training.
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