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Guns are just so.... impersonal

Murdering an innocent person shouldn't be treated as a random impersonal event. It should be a very deliberate, very personal, and very intimate application of violence.
You could murder someone in a crowded room with a knife and some people wouldn't even know a crime had been committed.

Besides - murder is a personal thing - not everyone needs to a part of the event. Let the dancers dance and the drinkers drink and the chatters chat.

Meanwhile, you can be over in the dark corner - just the two of you - sharing the experience together - without a bunch of distractions.

Shoot one person in a crowded room and suddenly you are surrounded by chaos. People screaming and yelling and panicking - people that have no right getting involved in your business are now injecting chaos into what started out as a very personal interaction.

Then there is the cleanup - not only do you have to provide medical care to all of the unintended victims - there are things most people are too selfish to even consider.
-Somebody has to pick up all of the spent brass.
-Somebody has to fix holes in the walls produced by bullet over-penetration
-People that didn't get shot probably have hearing deficits from the loud noise.
-Emotional distress is going to force some of the bystanders into counseling and therapy.

So much hassle just because there was ONE person that drove you to violence. Stab that one person and move on. Stab them TWICE
...maybe you just CUT them real bad to make a point

In fact - it doesn't even have to be a knife. You could use an ice pick. You could use a screw driver (flat head or phillips - stabber preference). You could just use a sharp stick or a toothbrush handle that you sharpened to a point on the floor of your garage!!!
Hell, Karl Childers used a kaiser blade and a lawnmower blade with pretty good results - and YOU could too !!!

Either way - stabbing crimes are a much better option than gun crime. I think might be one of the UK's best governing decisions since Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.

Turn in your guns folks - knife crime is the way of the future. Besides - once the liberals finish taking over government it will be easier to beat your sword into a plowshare than it will be to beat your semi-automatic-assault-weapon into a plow share.
The left is a treasonous movement. The Democrats became a treasonous organization when they fell under the sway of a movement that rejects our system of government, its laws, and its elections. Now their treason is coming to a head.
- Daniel Greenfield

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