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Would A Samsung SCS-2U01 Work With A Samsung Galaxy S9 On Total Wireless For 3G?

My family and I are on Total Wireless, which is a Verizon MNVO. I noticed recently that it dropped a call while I was in my kitchen. My wife told me that it has happened to her, too. If I get a Samsung 3G Network Extender, will it work with our Total Wireless phones?

I did install a 4G LTE Network Extender for a friend recently. He is regular post-paid, contract Verizon and it works great for him. However, since I am pre-paid, it would not work for me, plus Total Wireless does not allow HD Voice.

I researched this and, sadly, like many things on the internet, I have found conflicting information. The conflicting information literally runs from one extreme to the other, too. For example, some have flat out stated it won't work and there is absolutely no way to make it work. The flip side is, others have said it is literally plug-and-play, meaning plug in AC power, connect Ethernet to a broadband network, wait for GPS signal acquisition and it will assist ANY Verizon 3G signal, whether it is pre-paid, post-paid, MVNO or pure contract Verizon.

Others have suggested that it is essentially plug-and-play, BUT it needs to have a post-paid Verizon phone connect to it first and after that it will assist ANY 3G Verizon signal. Sure, I could contact Samsung, but my "spidey sense" tells me that they have to regurgitate the "company line", which is probably that it "officially" only supports pure Verizon.

I could contact Verizon, but I suspect that their response will be similar. They will likely suggest that I go pure Verizon.

I could contact Total Wireless, but when I decide to play "Customer Service Roulette" with them, I get someone who speaks English as a second language and it reading a script from a computer monitor in front of them.
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