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Old 3 October 2016, 02:18
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CLEP study guide website

For any guys who are looking to get their degree, here is a way I used to save some money (and time):

Check out - for $20 per month, you get access to all of their study guides, which covers just about every CLEP subject, as well as most of the Dantes tests and even GED prep stuff (I didn't mess with either of those). Most colleges will accept CLEP and Dantes credit, obviously it's on you to make sure it's accepted by your school.

Study till you can answer the flashcards and/or practice tests 100%, then go take the test. BOOM. Cheap college credit, easy way to get your gen ed requirements out of the way. In fact, the English and Comp CLEP test is worth 6 credits - so it covers your entire English requirement.

For those guys who are still active, the base college office will administer the tests FOR FREE. Can't speak to all the branches, but the Navy only covers one attempt at each test - if you don't pass, then a retake is on your dime. Apparently they found out members were just retaking the test over and over without studying till they scored high enough, so they changed to the current policy.

DISCLAIMER: I have no financial interest in this site, and I make no money from referrals or anything. I just wanted to share some info, same as it was passed down to me from a buddy.
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Old 3 October 2016, 18:50
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Yep, good stuff for sure.
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