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Old 8 September 2003, 16:14
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ok it wont happen again. Ill back up any statments I make better than what I've done

and if your a person whos been knee deep in those shit holes you spoke of then I have no right to say anything against you.

But i do understand the price some people pay
Old 8 September 2003, 16:15
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so do you get good tips playing piano in a whorehouse??
Old 8 September 2003, 16:23
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Originally posted by jim_vedder
so do you get good tips playing piano in a whorehouse??
Yeah, don't smoke in bed.
Just my opinion and worth what you paid for it
Old 8 September 2003, 16:28
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you said that you have been in service since I was sucking my mother's tit. I was just wondering what exactly is your proffession?
Old 8 September 2003, 16:57
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And I was just wondering what the fuck you are doing on this site? Your first post here, and you stir shit by insulting our President. Then you try more pot-stirring bringing up opposing assumptions on Korea and the Palestinian situation. For debate? I think you just want trouble. I am closing this thread, because I can. Oh, and Jim...Good bye.
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