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Old 1 February 2017, 02:21
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Just a quick question/seeking of advice from a current 2LT

Good evening all,

I've posted on here a couple times in the past and I just have another question for those who read this. I'm currently an Ordnance officer in a maintenance company, and so far I really do enjoy it. However, I've always wanted to do something unique or different, and I want to learn as much as I can during my time in the Army; unlike many I've found I actually enjoy the Army alot more after I've commissioned unlike several of my peers. Special Operations has always been a very strong interest of mine, but I admit that at this point it isn't a burning desire that keeps me up at night. I've done research, but I just wanted to see if anyone on here has any comments or had a bone to throw regarding an interesting or little known way for an Ordnance/Logistics officer to support or directly participate in USASOC, I'm very curious about the Sustainment Brigade, since as of right now I still have so much to learn as an ordnance officer and enjoy it so much so far.
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Old 1 February 2017, 05:17
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I'm not real clear if your post is asking from a perspective of considering SF as a future or an assignment to a USASOC formation. I will address both perspective based on your RFI and what I read in your post...

1) SF as a future. It will be a few years before your YG could apply, however, from the words you used, I'd say don't do it. Unless you get to the point you have a burning desire and you can't sleep at night because you want it so bad. There are many times that the TNG will be tough and BS will appear overflowing. Unless you have a commitment and your mental state is at a high octane, the uniqueness your mind 'kinda' wants will likely result in a washout. Folks go to SF or any other SOF route for a variety of reasons. Those that make it generally have a common denominator, they want it real bad. They want it so bad that they do extra PT, studying, developing, excelling at their craft and anything else prior to applying and attending TNG. You have to be 'All In' because the goal in going to SF is not just to get through TNG, but to be the best and serve on a team with some very capable professionals. I'm glad you like what you are doing and enjoy the Army. Are you the best in your field? Are you kicking ass as a LT in your unit now? The stuff you are doing now matters if later you choose to go SF.

2) serving in a USASOC formation as an OD officer. There are many positions, I'm not sure the grade plates but will say you'll need to be at least a 1LT with some experience and likely a CPT. I've come across several OD officers whether in a GRP, higher HQ staff billets and other BDE level assignments in USASOC. Again, you'll have to be a top level officer for your branch MGR to send you and the folks in USASOC to accept you. There are those that get buy but if you want to make a difference and bring value to a USASOC formation, seek to be the best in your CMF and bring that value over. For the most part, you will be doing your branch related work only in a USASOC unit. Sure, you'll likely get exposed to and experience different TNG than your counterparts elsewhere in the Army but it is not on a regular basis.

That is my quick $.02 since I am up at o'dark thirty and have a burning desire to get to work and do some PT and mix it up with the guys.
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Old 1 February 2017, 11:07
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As a Special Forces Officer, I had a logistics functional area (Contracting Officer) and also served as a BN Logistics Officer (S4). This is just one path. I was replaced as the Bn S4 by an Ordnance Officer that was not SF qualified. Yet another path.

If you enjoy the loggy side of life, by all means start to pursue an assignment at a Special Forces Group or Bn. You will have to attend the Basic Airborne Course, but no SFOC. If you seek a position in The Ranger Regiment, I believe you will have to attend Ranger School (or at least should). As Godzilla says above, you will still have to be the best of the best. OER's, PT tests etc.

As the CSM above states, SFOC rebranches you to Special Forces. All bets are off for a career path in logistics work, unless you are assigned to such positions like the Battalion and Group S4. There are also Joint assignments at the numerous SOC's that exist today. Rebranching as SF will require you to then select a functional area as a mid grade CPT. The mix of your primary branch and functional area will determine the flavor of your future assignments.

I will end with saying that if you are an SF Officer, no one will fight you to become X4 of any unit.
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Old 7 February 2017, 02:23
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I appreciate y'all's advice, in all honesty my post was partially a late night inquiry and ramble as well, so I apologize if it wasn't crystal clear. To add a little bit just in case you guys or anyone else cares to read my thread, I am indeed a very new LT still learning the ropes of my job as an MCO and Platoon Leader. However, as I have noticed, and as many know but few say, so many new logistics LT's are unhappy because our job isn't always sexy. It has its moments for sure (recovery operations come to mind), but I hear alot of my peers say "I can't wait until I'm a 1LT and I can drop my packet". I was cautious at first on this site because I assumed I could easily be mistaken as someone with that intention. I enjoy being an Ordnance officer, as said previously. My mechanics, welders, and machinists are awesome soldiers that I couldn't be more privileged to lead, and also explains in part why I'm not chomping at the bit to go SF or another element of USASOC. I simply have had a desire to do something "different" with my army career, which is why I asked about opportunities doing maintenance and ammunition management for a special operations unit. When it comes time for me to seriously consider pursuing special operations, I don't intend on declaring what I want to do, but asking how I with my personality and skills can help facilitate the special operations mission.

In regards to applying to SF directly, I'm sure everyone considers it at some point, and I'm still seeking mentorship for answering the question of if it is for me; the SF mission is something I know I would be passionate about. I minored in a language and I am very confident that I can learn others if needed. The concept of isolation doesn't necessarily bother me and I enjoy the idea of immersion in another culture, if nothing more than to learn about it in order to facilitate the mission. However, I don't hit the gym 5x a day, in fact I'm lucky to go 5x a month. I don't outwardly possess the most "hooah" persona; I love the army so far but I am far from a badass; in other words I see others as seeing me as a decent or good LT with a positive attitude (something I do always have), but definitely not a "he better give SF a try" kinda guy. I'm sure this message is an eyeful and I apologize if it comes off as an annoyance or typical new LT behavior, but I do appreciate anyone who does take the time to read it. I'm just reaching out for mentorship to any venue I can.
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Old 7 February 2017, 06:07
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Call your Branch Guy and ask him about SOF assignments after the Career Course. Start thinking about your next assignment now.
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