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Old 15 April 2008, 14:12
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MOH Pfc. Desmond T. Doss (WWII Contientious Objector)

One of my childhood heros was Pfc. Desmond T. Doss who was the only Contientious Objector in WWII to receive the MOH.

Please note that Doss was classified as a Contientious OBjector not because he was anti-american, but because as a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) he believed it was always wrong to kill. (That was his interpretation of the 6th commandment.)

Hence, when called to duty, he volunteer to serve as an unarmed medic in the midst the pacific theater combat.

(For those of you not familiar with SDAs, Desmond Doss is an icon and legend among the 15-20 million SDAs worldwide. I count it as a great honor to have shaken his hand once. He was as humble as they get.)

I have a couple links about him at:

His Eulogy: http://asphaltadventist.blogspot.com...&max-results=1

My first comments about him.
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Old 15 April 2008, 14:17
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BTW, here is a link to the documentary about Doss' life. Lots of interviews by the men who were with him in combat.


Here is his profile on the home of the heros webpage: http://www.homeofheroes.com/profiles/profiles_doss.html

Laslty, I never served in the military. Legally blind in one eye. Thank you for your service. It is because of guys like you that the maniacs of the world have not hurt my family
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Old 6 February 2017, 18:37
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If anyone hasn't already seen Hacksaw Ridge, you should. What they depicted in the movie seemed tame in comparison to what I read in his citation after seeing the movie.
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Old 8 February 2017, 10:38
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My late father was an artillery officer on Okinawa, and carried a miniature Bible with him. I will take a look at Hacksaw Ridge.
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