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Old 9 January 2020, 12:21
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Cool Day in the Life Training Vid: Rafael Lovato

This is a pretty cool video even though it's based upon an epic BJJ guy and it could speak to anyone from any martial dogma from a motivational stand point. It's pretty cool because it shows that just because you train and learn techniques that there is a LOT more to actually "training".

I'm biased because I learned Pressure Passing from Lovato, and know him to be a humble, and incredibly good teacher. He's the product of a father who himself was a lifelong martial artist.

If you're in Oklahoma, and want a place to train, can't beat this guy.
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Old 9 January 2020, 13:15
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Great video. Thank you for sharing. I've liked his philosophy on BJJ in Stuart Cooper's films as well.
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