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Old 11 February 2018, 14:27
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Powered USB Hubs

Long time desktop PC user here, but I just switched to a laptop computer. I am looking around for a suitable powered USB hub and I am finding that there are a lot of choices these days. I have been perusing the following:






For those here that use these, what features do you find to be "must have" features? For example, one of the Anker hubs has a built in Ethernet converter. It sounds nice, but I don't know if I need it. Wifi seems fine, for now. I suppose if Ethernet was my only option, then I would need it.

I noticed that Belkin has some USB-C versions. Is that the coming standard or will that vanish like fire-wire did?

Kensington has a laptop keypad/calculator with USB Hub. It looks nice, but probably unnecessary for me.

Logitech seems to have fewer choices.

Targus even has a chill mat with a four port USB hub built into it.

Anyway, lets hear it from you guys. Am I overthinking this?
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Old 12 February 2018, 08:38
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USB-C will probably be ubiquitous in a few years, but if you don't have any devices now, doesn't really matter. They also make adapter/conversion cables, see Monoprice.com

I have an Anker 2 Port USB3 Hub - un-powered, works fine. You only need power if you are plugging a ton of devices into it, or high-draw devices. $15 vs $30. Big fan of Anker anything.
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Old 12 February 2018, 19:46
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What do you need to plug in that you need a powered hub for? Or are you just being cautious/future proof? Powered hubs have a plus in that they take the power load off the computer hardware and that, in some cases I had, made seemingly unworkable devices operate properly.
What type of ports does your laptop have? They vary in the amount of supplied power.
Also, the power capabilities of USB ports and possible loads might be described in tech specs of your laptop. You might have one USB charging (powered USB) port with the rest being low power.

Generally your choice should be determined by your real, not perceived needs. I'd buy a simple, robust hub with detachable power adapter if I planned to plug lots of devices that might need additional power into it. USB hubs are relatively cheap and I personally would skip all sorts of AIO gimmicks.
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