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Old 22 June 2018, 22:14
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Originally Posted by CAP MARINE View Post
There have been some real problems with receiving 100% PTSD, at least here in okla; CCW taken away, CDL truck driver lost that too. There have been some other issues I just canít remember what all has been said, in regards to 2 recent cases here 50% PTSD, 40% wounds-no problem on my part-been 100% for 23 yrs.(UD)
I was never revaluated, retired from day one, no TDRL
With a PTSD diagnosis, I'm pretty sure one can not pass a pilot's medical flight exam. So flying is out unless you go for a sport license where a medical exam is not required.
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Old 22 June 2018, 22:44
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I just received my VA decision. I have a few items that were denied because they claim there is no documentation despite the fact that they actually were in my medical record. I know that even if added they will be 0% but my concern is that 10yrs from now they create a problem. I also have another condition that they rated based on not taking medication daily despite the fact that I have been on daily meds for years. I am considering an appeal. Anyone have much experience with those? I am open to any suggestions.

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Old 22 June 2018, 23:06
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Class 3 medical is a possibility?
Not sure on % of PTSD though, I heard 40% or less, but what do I know?
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