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This applies more to the 2020 elections on the local level than the presidential politics found in most of this thread.

Monday afternoon I had to run an errand to a place I won't visit much over the summer. There are two gun stores in that town with nice indoor shooting ranges. I happened to have range passes to both from purchases I made over the last few months, so it seemed like a convenient time to get a little trigger time.

Both gun stores had lines out the front door and completely across the parking lot. Everyone seemed to be patiently waiting their turn, but I had other things to do with my day and drove home.

I don't know how much the long line may have had to do with a store policy about social distancing or how many people would be allowed in the store at one time. This is one of the most re-opened states in the country, where churches and beaches are packed and people are sitting down inside restaurants. Nobody is standing at the door of grocery stores or Wal-Mart checking attendance numbers.

Looting, rioting, arson, and the wanton destruction of private property were last seen in Charleston during the Reconstruction era. The local civil rights protests of 1968 and 1969 didn't include that behavior. When Hurricane Hugo devastated Charleston, the local police chief (a black man named Reuben Greenberg) promised to shoot looters on site, and the national guardsmen sent in the aftermath to evacuated islands to protect them from looters were issued live ammo. The marches and public events after the Dylan Roof massacre were generally peaceful, thoughtful, and multi-racial because all local parties involved actively kept outside agitators away.

Every evening of the past weekend, the local TV stations carried wall to wall coverage of the riots. The official response viewed on those broadcasts consisted of the mayor and local politicians saying the looting and destruction would not be allowed, contrasted with scenes of police in riot gear standing around while things burned in the distance. The police were on the scene, kitted up and motivated to intervene but were held back by the same politicians grandstanding on TV. When news reporters asked random protesters in the streets if they were aware of the curfew, the reporters were ignored, laughed at, or worse, and everyone saw it live. A curfew, like any rule, only exists when the person making the rule is willing to enforce it.

The destruction happened because the police paid by the taxpayers to stop it would not because the people elected by those same taxpayers told those cops to stand by and watch from a distance. There are already business owners openly discussing a class action suit against the city and suing the mayor personally for failing to intervene. The businesses need the money because hardly any of them had foreseen a reason to pay the extra insurance cost for damages caused by riots or terrorist activity, so nearly all the repairs are coming out of their pockets. Most of the damaged businesses are in the downtown area where hotels, restaurants and gift shops dominate, and those are the same kinds of establishments which were just getting back on their feet following the virus lockdowns.

I suspect that those long lines at the gun stores are largely made up of property owners who got an education over the weekend in how little police protection matters when politicians refuse to let them do their jobs. If the political motivations of the professional agitators were generally anti-Trump, I have to wonder if they may have overplayed their hand.
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yes, not low information. Power grab is on and it's gaining momentum, def malice.
"First, decide who you would be. Then, do what you must do." -Epictetus
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Seeing some of this in TX as well... And relatively speaking we havent had the same level of problems being seen in other states..

Went to Cabelas on Friday night.. The store closes at 8PM.. At 645 PM I tried to get into line to purchase a firearm and was told that I wouldnt make it to the counter before 8.. and to come back the next morning.. (buying a large caliber pistol for a hunting trip.. I was not interested in buying a firearm for self defense)..

I arrived back at the store on Saturday morning at 10AM.. The store had been open for about an hour.. I got into line.. It took me 45 minutes to get to the counter to look at the firearm I wanted to buy.. The line was already long before I got there..

They were sitting on about 40-50% of their normal stock of weapons.. Had no ARs left on the shelf, and only a handful of common defensive pistols like Glocks, Sigs, etc... and were completely sold out of ALL pistol ammo (all calibers).. and all of the common defensive rifle caliber ammo (300 BLK, 556, 308, etc)..

So once I bought the new pistol (Getting a 10MM glock was no issue.. but if I had wanted a 9mm or a 45 I would have been SOL), I tried going to an Academy Sports thats a few miles down the road to see if they had ammo... Same situation.. Less than 50% of their normal stock of firearms.. and almost no ammo at all of any caliber left on the shelves..

So I came home and bought some ammo online..

People werent asking about hunting rifles or shotguns for sporting clays.. They were lined up to purchase every AR15, every pistol, and every "combat" style shotgun they could find..

And none of them looked like they were "scared" or in a panic to protect themselves against a potential weekend threat..

They were simply tooling up and making sure they were covered for what I think most of them think is soon to come..

Interesting times..
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I think it's too early to tell how the election will go, too many variables. Some blue states are mail-in-ballots, riots, Covid, is Trump actions have to be processed, 2A getting more good light then from before, who they replace Biden with? All this silliness if effecting the average person then previously before.
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