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Old 1 December 2014, 23:22
Trmahnd725 Trmahnd725 is offline
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Another poser check...

Was talking to a Marine the other day and he claims to have been 0321. When quizzed about boot camp, he claimed to have been 3rd Bn India just before I went to boot camp. Proceded to tell me all about his experience in SERE school and claims to have PTSD after having done 48 "missions". Can supply first and last name only.

My career does not allow me to really grill a military member while on the clock. All I can do when I smell BS is shake my head and just walk away. I really like my career and it pays the child support.

PM for verification please?
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Old 5 December 2014, 00:44
Shark0311 Shark0311 is offline
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I don't see anything in your post that is a red flag. He shouldn't be talking to you about SERE unless of course you are a fellow graduate.
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Old 5 December 2014, 13:01
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I don't see a need to PM the name. Just post it. If he's a real BTDT, we can all laugh and say we know him. If not, we can all laugh and beat him. It's a win-win. :-).
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