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Old 3 August 2017, 12:43
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This thread is reminding me of the invasion when the born again sergeant (also a thief and complete moron) decided it would be a good idea to start talking about Jesus to a crowd of Iraqi men. A bunch of older guys who spoke English and had been very friendly turned pissed off in a hurry. This led to our platoon commander restricting who was allowed to talk to the locals.

Obviously Eubanks is nothing like that guy, but there is no quicker way to turn things to shit in the Middle East than to proselytize.
"The real problem was being able to stick it out, to sit in an office under the orders of a wee man in a dark gray suit and look out of the window and recall the bush country, the waving palms, the smell of sweat and cordite, the grunts of the men hauling jeeps over the river crossings, the copper-tasting fears just before the attack, and the wild, cruel joy of being alive afterward. To remember, and then go back to the ledgers and the commuter train, that was impossible. He knew he would eat his heart out if it ever came to that."

- "The Dogs of War" by Frederick Forsyth
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Old 3 August 2017, 23:27
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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
Yeah, we better make sure we don't anger the Muslims.....or give them reason to commit further war/atrocities.

Maybe we should just all covert to Islam to placate ISIS, then there would be peace.

Hey, lets make all our US military Chaplains cover up their crosses on their uniforms as well.....we sure do not want to cause any Muslims to have reason/justification to fight us.
I can see both sides to the argument regarding the problems his proselytizing might create. Muslims are unlikely to convert. Even ones who might want to probably won't due to the threat of being enslaved or killed. It doesn't seem necessary to try on that population.

I do however agree with LP's above quote. Either way, we don't need to placate or worry about offending Muslims. The fact is, they will be offended until they successfully convert everyone. Then they will still be offended by different sects within their religion who have different interpretations and beliefs. Obviously not all Muslims are bad but for example, when one reads the Pew polls regarding Sharia law, the number of those in support are staggering. Then one must take into account that a number of Muslims who don't support it might not have enough of a problem with it to take a stand against it.

You can't separate Eubank from his faith as that is a large part of who he is and why he does service for people. You can't separate Christianity from his charity as his charity is engaging in service to others based on Christian values. While it isn't productive for him to proselytize or get Muslims to pray, his background and experience make him an expert at maximizing safety and situational awareness.
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Old 8 August 2017, 11:04
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Originally Posted by mike76233 View Post
Either way, we don't need to placate or worry about offending Muslims. The fact is, they will be offended until they successfully convert everyone.
Islam, AKA "The Religion of Perpetual Outrage"......
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-T.E. Lawrence, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom".
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