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Old 23 May 2018, 14:10
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Burn Pit Registration Locations

BLUF- need names/ locations of old bases in Uruzgan Province

I am working on a paper to recommend changes to the VA Burn Pit Registry to utilize a GIS (Geographic Information System) rather than a the text database it currently uses.

The argument is eligible service members are exposed to environmental hazards in many places not listed and that nuance should be recorded and analyzed to ensure care is provided.

As an anecdote I want to use Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. The VA lists two bases there; Taber and Walton. If you spell Uruzgan different those will not display- such as Oruzgan which is a common misspelling. Also not all bases or locations are listed, for instance I was at Anaconda...not that big one in Iraq (LSA Anaconda near Balad), the little one in Khas Uruzgan district that SOF worked out of for years.

So two flaws, search function sucks and not all locations listed. If you or someone you know was in Uruzgan Province can you send me the name of bases or VSO sites or other places that guys might of been exposed to air hazards I will include them in my write up.

My motivation? Subjectively I was in a place where trash, oil, fuel, batteries and feces was burnt daily and it is not an option in the registry. Objectively I am working on a Masters in GIS and I think this project would be a decent capstone.

Thanks for your help, only unclassified locations please...PM me here or reply to this thread. If you don't have a name or grid coordinate just give me the village name , district or road it was near, I'll try to find it. Also suggestions are always welcome to this effort. I'll expand this to other locations eventually, for now I just want one good talking point that cannot be disputed supported by a few data points.
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Old 24 May 2018, 10:37
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I was in Tarinkot or Tarin Kowt (2010-2011). They were operating Burn Pits during my time there.
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Old 24 May 2018, 17:53
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Thanks Seabee, I remember landing there for fuel on the ride up from Fob Rob.

The registry might be worse off then I thought. I looked up FOB Walton and most news articles have it in Kandahar Province, so not sure what data source the VA used to classify it in Uruzgan. I found this map link that lists places I remember in 2009- Tarin Kowt, Cobra, Anaconda, Tycz. And then it lists several others that I would like to confirm if anyone actually ever lived there and ideally if there were burn pits there-

Deh Rahwod
Kush Kadir

Some of these might have not ever been occupied by US service-members (NATO Coalition or Afghan only)
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Old 24 May 2018, 18:12
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Deh Rawhod had burn pits and US troops in 2002-2003.
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