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Old 31 May 2018, 20:49
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History of USMC Tactical Breaching.

I am doing some research on the history of modern urban / CQB breaching. The Methods of Entry School (MoES) at Quantico appears to have been up and running since 1986. When did SOTG start running their Dynamic Entry Course? I am also curious if there is much difference between the two courses content wise. From what little information I can find, it appears that the Dynamic Entry Course is explosives only while MoES appears to be full spectrum. Is that correct? Can anyone shed any light on SOTG's Applied Explosives Course as well. Finally, when did MARSOC begin running their MARSOF Dynamic Entry Level II (MEDEL2) course? Thanks.

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Old 31 May 2018, 20:53
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Gooch may weigh in on this one when he does his quarterly drive by. He was at WTBN when the breaching program was in it's infancy. I think the breacher side was run by Frank Skinner back then.
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Old 1 June 2018, 05:55
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I was involved with this capabilty from the earliest stages and Quantico was long behind the operating forces in developing breaching. The training, experimentation and implementation quickly went to the operating forces after the program was taken from a concept to a capability in 2d Force, then 1st Recon Bn to 1st Force once it was reconstituted and stood back up.

The person mentioned had HQMC ear, but no operational experience or tactical input. The capability was built by ingenuity of the teams and a relationship with a unit at Bragg initially.

Some of the details you want are classified. I know for sure the MARSOC one is a noneya.
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