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Old 22 May 2018, 16:37
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Thank y'all for the replies. Much appreciated.
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Old 25 May 2018, 07:40
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Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post

Suddenly he looks at me and says.. " I have one slot, guaranteed Ranger, you'll be 11X," I said, I'll take it.
Mine was the 1984 'Ranger Special' of Gung-Ho magazine. Brought it with me when I went to the recruiter in 85. Had zero issues, the dude knew exactly what to do. All my paperwork said "11X Unassigned Ranger". I DEP'd until 12 August 86. I never knew there was an 'Option 40' way back then.
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Old 25 May 2018, 08:39
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Originally Posted by Who Me? View Post
Long time lurker here. Joined when my younger son was maybe 2. He notified me we are meeting with a recruiter this afternoon. He wants to be a Ranger - has for a while. I got him on here to read all he could find on Regiment, RIP/RASP, etc. That just made him want it more.

One possible hiccup that I'm not sure about is that he has some color vision deficiency. Had him examined by an optometrist a few months back - she used the Ishihara (sp?) plates? Her opinion was moderate red/green color deficiency. He missed the easy ones and got all the hard ones. I test him occasionally and he usually can differentiate the two. Last I looked, it was waiverable provided he could pass one of three tests. Does anyone know if that is still the case? He previously met with this recruiter and the recruiter expressed doubt that Ranger would be an option for him.

Also, is it still Option 40 for Regiment (provided he passed RASP)? Any other advice he/I should be aware of prior to this meeting? Any advice is appreciated.
At MEPs in 2004 I was denied just about every job including Infantry because of red/green color vision deficiency . The recruiter I had must have needed the numbers and got me a waiver for an Infantry contract (lucky me!), taking a pretty big risk to his career to do so. I told him Iíd just have to go talk to the Marine or Air Force recuiter or go back to community college. Donít take no for an awnswer.
Kiowas are small, carrying just two people; they fly so low the two flying soldiers are practically infantrymen.

- Excerpt from Gates of Fire, Michael Yon
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Old 25 May 2018, 16:52
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Can he borrow that issue of Gung-Ho magazine? Reading through the threads here, and elsewhere, it appears that obtaining an Opt40 is kind of like finding the Holy Grail these days.

The recruiter wasn't too concerned with the vision issue. I looked up AR 40-501 (?) and it doesn't appear disqualifying, provided he can at least distinguish the vivid red and green - as ArchAngelRanger said.

However, we learned the term "retained hardware" - and that might be a hurdle to overcome. Recruiter said it's an absolute disqualifier. I checked and it seems it is only a disqualifier if the retained hardware is necessary for fixation, stability or is likely to cause future injury. None of those, I believe, is the case. Have an appointment with his ortho, prior service, and plan to take the reg and see if he can use that language in a letter explaining it isn't an issue (assuming it isn't).

Honestly, I'm kind of glad he (we) are having to work for the Opt40. Sort of an indicator of his commitment to it. And, may truly appreciate the opportunity more, assuming he gets it, since he had to work for it.
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Old 25 May 2018, 18:07
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My son wasn't able to get an Option 40 contract. But he enlisted for the Infantry, volunteered for ABN school in Basic, then the 75th in ABN, and he's been in 3/75 for a couple years now.

It's doable without a contract, but you are taking a risk.
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