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Old 2 June 2018, 05:15
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November 13th: attack on Paris

Intense documentary about the events of November 13th in Paris(Bataclan, stade the France,...)
Mix of raw video material of eye witnesses in cpmbination with highly emotional interviews of survivors - binge watched it yesterday, superb
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Old 3 June 2018, 07:49
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Watched this last night and concur with your review...
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Old 9 June 2018, 10:14
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So far very good.. One thing that keeps me thinking of how fortunate we are is, we have people that are armed in our country, and could have stopped this act of cowardliness. Think of the people on terraces watching from above as it happened France. All they could do is call the police, yet our country would have potential citizens able to stop perps like this.
And the guy who found his son alive in cafe was very tearful...He made a a point how he was unable to even protect his son.
Intermission for me.. Will finish later.
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Old 9 June 2018, 14:19
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Watched it just the other day and it's excellent.

I know hostages are unpredictable during a rescue but actively holding a door shut against the team and hitting/resisting them and actually seeming a bit proud of it is ludicrous. Several of the hostages actively resisted while there was an active gunfight in a hallway... crazy.
"The real problem was being able to stick it out, to sit in an office under the orders of a wee man in a dark gray suit and look out of the window and recall the bush country, the waving palms, the smell of sweat and cordite, the grunts of the men hauling jeeps over the river crossings, the copper-tasting fears just before the attack, and the wild, cruel joy of being alive afterward. To remember, and then go back to the ledgers and the commuter train, that was impossible. He knew he would eat his heart out if it ever came to that."

- "The Dogs of War" by Frederick Forsyth
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