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Old 24 June 2018, 15:58
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Gunny Brady’s Major Walk Across America

This guy was passing through my AO over the last couple of days. He's walking across the country west to east to raise awareness of PTSD, TBI, and prosthetic/orthotic issues with veterans. I didn't get a chance to do anything with him, and he's halfway to his destination, but I figured others might want to see what they can do.

The Gunny is part of the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge. The organization's motto is "Vulneror non Vincor," or "I am wounded, not conquered."

“It’s called the Major Walk in honor of my brother, Major Brady,” Brady explained. “Due to the fact that my brother, and a Marine brother of mine, took their own lives, I’m walking to raise awareness of the things our service members face when they come back home.”
Local coverage

Edit: The map at CombatWounded is not accurate. It shows him passing almost due east from OKC, yet he was in the Tulsa/BA area yesterday. If you want to participate, I'd recommend contacting them for a current route.
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Old 24 June 2018, 16:42
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This is his second walk across the country, one tough Jarhead.

The least we can do is share this info.
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