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Old 19 October 2018, 14:40
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Athlon Ares ETR Scopes

Looking for any feedback on this particular scope.

Athlon seems to have a love/hate customer base and it's tough to sort hype from reality.

Intended use is on an AR-10T gas gun in .308 out to 1250 yards (max distance at our local matches). I've got a bolt gun that I use for these matches with a Nightforce NXS on it that works well.

This model of Athlon has gotten very high marks from one of the guys shooting these matches, but I'm hoping for a bit more than "one guy likes it".

I know that it has Chinese glass instead of the Chronus' Japanese glass, but it is half the price.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 4 December 2018, 22:27
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Itís not a Nightforce but you already know that. The Ares I have on a .224 Valkyrie is as impressive as underrated as the round Iím using in this gun and better than some of the vortex optics with twice the price tag. The vortex has a much better warranty and service though.

Glass quality at 1000m Iíd rate at about an 8 out of ten and on par with high end Bushnell and Leupold optics. Reticle clarity is excellent and the illumination is consistent and doesnít blur or bleed into the background the way lower end scopes will. Very minimal glass distortion on the lens edges at distance with higher magnification settings.

I wouldnít worry much about the point of origin, at least as far as objective performance goes, though some people are against anything that goes to China. Which I get. Optics these days are a lot like AR receivers and components; in that one factory might supply for ten or twenty different brands using the same parts, itís the published tolerances and specs that company adheres to that decide if it gets their brand etched on it or not. Bad glass comes out of Japanese factories, and good glass comes from Chinese factories, itís the company you buy from that will determine in the end if itís worth your time.
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Old 8 December 2018, 12:49
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Thank you for the reply. I bought one, will mount it to a Bergara HMR as soon as work travel slows down, and will report back
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