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Old 31 October 2018, 16:08
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Originally Posted by NoChai View Post
In my limited experience, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to argue that a handgun of any caliber, with the right bullet, would be more effective than a 30-30, with a properly selected bullet.
Yep, but it's all about that properly select projectile, available only by mail order, often costing several times more than the stuff in stock at the local Wal Mart. Now add the ready availability of "common" revolver loadings (not hard to find a 300 gr SWC .44 Magnum going 1300 fps from a 5" barrel), in a much more "portable" size than a 30-30, and folks find that appealing.

I'll stick with my usual grizzly/brownie country companion, my 1895G in .45-70, though. I don't fancy a defensive encounter with anything less than that. I'm better known for my judgment than my valor.
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Old 31 October 2018, 23:47
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I think if I were out grizzly, elk, other large game. (Mountain Lion)

Depending on average range fired. I think I would pack a 45/70 also. Maybe a .338 if shooting longer.

There would also be a large caliber hogleg on me at all times.
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Old 1 November 2018, 03:11
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All things considered, including availability of rounds, I have to agree that "insanity" was not the right choice of word. Which also means standing corrected :) I, too, would take my 45/70 in lieu of either of the discussed options.
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Old 5 November 2018, 18:35
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Tragic, unless you raised him to be a financial genius and he sold it for 5K-10K.

Like good leaders, millennials are forged, not born...

Originally Posted by 1RiserSlip View Post
I bought my son a Winchester 94 last year for his birthday. It was some kind of centennial or special edition I found used. Didn't have a scratch on it. I told him it better never, ever, fucking ever end up in a pawn shop. He killed a buck with it outta my stand. I went to his house one day and didn't notice it. He said "well, I didn't pawn it. I sold it".

I came very close to kicking his ass again but didn't. His birthday was 2 days ago.

Know what he got this year? Diddly squat. I swear some of these millennials have no sentimental value at all. Plus, he lost his hunting privileges at my property.

I have had some of the cleanest kills on deer with a 30/30 as any other rifle. I laugh at the guys who I see with 300 Ultra Mags in the woods. Unless you're shooting a half mile there is absolutely no need for magnum caliber rifles. I use a .308, it has long been my favorite rifle to deer hunt with. There's just a nostalgia about old lever guns that I love. A Marlin 45/70 Scout is on my short list of new purchases.

Agree though that the 30/30 has put more venison on the table than any other rifle.
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