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Old 29 August 2016, 14:48
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Now you see me 2

Don't even bother. First movie was not bad, but second one? Terrible. Just a real disjointed plot, unbelievable, poor acting, etc.
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Old 29 August 2016, 15:40
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I really don't care
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Double tap. The first one, even though a fiction movie about magic, required waaaaay to much suspension of disbelief. Too many magicians, only one was needed for the story line. Part 2, dreadful!
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Old 6 September 2016, 19:41
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Pele's Bucket of Fire?...never heard of it
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After the first weekend, if it sucks as bad as I've heard it does, they'll have to retitle it Now You Don't See Me 2.
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Old 6 September 2016, 20:44
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Saw this when we had a free HBO and Cinemax preview. Waste of my time.
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