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Old 1 April 2018, 13:58
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Wild Wild Country

Just starting this series on Netflix. About a religious cult who basically built a city in Oregon. I had no idea this had ever happened.

Some background info:
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Old 1 April 2018, 14:11
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Ah, the followers of The Bhagwan. They all were in my home town (Santa Cruz, CA) before they moved to OR. They left when I was in high school. You could always pick them out, as they dyed their clothes purple. They left Santa Cruz because they claimed they were being persecuted...which, is pretty funny, if you know anything about Santa Cruz.
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Old 1 April 2018, 19:19
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This would be beyond bizarre to have happen now. I can't imagine what Antelope residents thought in 1981. Getting exiled from CA can't set you up for acceptance in rural OR.
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Old 9 August 2018, 15:24
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This is the most in depth documentary I've ever watched on anything other than WW2. Until Wild Wild Country I'd never heard of Rajneeshees, Baghwan whatevers. So many perspectives, so much time spent on the details. It started out as if you didn't understand which side the documentary was going to support. Xenophobic townspeople trying to rid themselves of a misunderstood religious minority by bending laws to thwart religious freedom? Looney cultists taking over a small town by numbers and influence for a hostile takeover? Both the townspeople and Rajneeshes get equal time to spell out their individual cases on why the felt and did what they did. This is exactly how a documentary should be filmed.

I'm on ep.5 of 6. It moved slow for the first couple episodes and there was just enough preview for the viewer to know something big was coming. I'm looking forward to finishing it off tonight after work.
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Old 9 August 2018, 17:50
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Yeah, that was a pretty out there cult back in the 70s and 80s. Since they were primarily based out of the pacific northwest, I only paid attention when they would crop up on the network news.

I remember the leader owned some crazy number of Rolls Royces, and he was always surrounded by bodyguards armed with what looked like Uzis, not sure if they were the genuine article or a semi auto version.

When you think about it though, no nuttier than all the other cults out there.
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