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Old 4 August 2018, 19:56
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double barreled AR (not a joke)

Gents... i have no idea if this is news or not but if it isnr please dont run me out on a rail...

Double barreled pistols been around a while now bur someobe somewhere finally took the next step: double barreled Ar

Bonus! The narrator of the video is an hammer.
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Old 4 August 2018, 20:35
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Seen double and quad ARs
BTDT Just marking time to Retire again....
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Old 4 August 2018, 21:50
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About as useful as Red Jacket's pedestal - mounted twin AR that they put on a boat.

Which wasn't particularly useful, or even hard hitting... If you can't go belt-fed, I say call in the mortars.

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