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Old 26 October 2017, 18:50
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Quantum Comm and Compute

Has anyone been following along with the recent events from Chicom?

It appears they've been successful in the Quantum arena as of late.

I'm vaguely familiar with this are of Technology but I've intrigued to learn more. I'm curious if China is as far along as the article alludes to.

I see plenty of good applications for Quantum Compute. And sadly I can all ready see thousands of bad things that could be done.

Anyone here have more knowledge on this technology...

Here is a snippet of the article..

Really like to learn more on this.
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Old 26 October 2017, 19:38
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Microsoft demo'd their Quantum prototype machine at Microsoft Ignite this year. Pretty cool stuff is coming, including the ability to harness it's capabilities from Microsoft Azure. That and their announced partnership with Cray foreshadows some exciting possibilities that will make super computing available to all that have an idea they want to tap.
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Old 26 October 2017, 20:34
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Nexus Schemer
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is there any truth behind the potential for this to completely disrupt the current encryption methods?

Seems like now would be a good time to refocus bitcoin concepts too
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