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Old 28 November 2016, 22:33
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Horse named Combat Controller

I received this from Sgt. Mac of Sgt. Mac's Bar. I'm late with this but just saw it today. Thought it might be interesting if any wish to follow the horse:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maybe you can pass word on the following "cool news"...

First, the backstory:

I work in the Thoroughbred horse racing industry. A longtime friend --- one of the leading cardiologists in the south --- Dr Carl Gessler of Huntsville, Alabama, was (is) so impressed & humbled by what my son John went through to earn his beret --- and then later reading up (via my directive) on fellow Alabaman Mark Forester... and then on the full historical exploits of the US Air Force Combat Controller --- that he called me 8-9 months ago to let me know that he wanted to name his new foal, a colt... "Combat Controller."

It was one of the cooler gifts of my life. I could not have been more grateful & humbled.

I was going to make you aware of this news at the time, but each of us who "live" the Thoroughbred racing game know that it's almost as difficult to get a newborn to the actual races as it is to see a high school football player make it to the NFL. There's an old adage on the racetrack which goes: "There are only 2 types of horses: Those with physical problems, and those that are gonna have physical problems!" You see, they're twelve-hundred pound animals who run 40 MPH on very thin lower legs.

In any event, news arrived on Wednesday night that a new racehorse would debut on Saturday night in Louisville, Kentucky at Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) named... COMBAT CONTROLLER!

So please pass word far & wide to anyone that you're connected to inside the fraternity. While the name of the horse was initiated by my friendship to an affluent racehorse owner and inspired by son---an active duty CCT---the horse is named in honor of ALL OF YOU GUYS --- those who serve today and all of those who came before.

Final Note: this colt has a pedigree which is predominantly strong on the turf racing side. 'Combat Controller's' mother, Re Dream It, was a "stakes winner" on turf, but had Fred Flintstone feet on the dirt, and perhaps as many as 75% of Thoroughbred offspring tend to replicate the traits of their mother, as opposed to the stallion. As a result, we have no illusion of Combat Controller winning on Saturday night. For starters, his mind will be blown because it'll be his first race...(think of Day 1 of BMT or Selection School and do the math from there) ...he'll be running under the lights (Thoroughbreds train only in the early mornings)...and he'll be surrounded by eleven other mind blown "babies" (the industry nickname for 2-year-olds) and is breaking from the 3 hole. Unless he has blinding speed (which his workout pattern suggests that he does not,) then he'll quickly get "covered up" by a bunch of horses and have a dumptruck amount of dirt kicked back in his face...always an unnerving experience the first time.
All told, a warning to anyone who might be able to watch: This race, on the dirt (again: prob not where his career success will come) is to be a 100% "learning experience." We just want to see him "compete / stay with the pack." While it wouldn't be the end of the world, what you hope not to see first time out is your horse trailing the field for the entire race. We're looking for something to build on.

For anyone interested in watching, on cable TV, you'd look for a channel called TVG (Television Games Network) ...there's actually a TVG I and TVG II....those are America's horse racing channels.
- Up here in Maryland, we have Verizon Fios, and on Verizon, TVG are channels 315 and 316.

Here are the race details in blue...I hope many from the CCT community will watch and then follow the horse's full career. Remember: He was named for you guys!

Have fun and Happy Holidays to you and anyone you forward this to!

Dr Gessler,

Please find attached the past performances for Combat Controller's
Churchill Downs start.

He is entered in the 12th race on Saturday, November 26th with a

Scheduled post time of 6:24 pm eastern standard

He will be ridden by Corey Lanerie, breaking from post position
3, carrying 118 pounds going 7 furlongs on Churchill Downs main track.
The race is a Maiden Special Weight with a purse of $58,000 that has a
full field of 12 horses

Trainer Kenny McPeek Racing Office
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Old 3 December 2016, 17:57
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This is COOL! Thanks for the head's-up P304X4, and I will try to catch future races.
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Old 3 December 2016, 18:13
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Keep your mouth shut and listen. That is the best piece of advice I have been given.
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Old 3 December 2016, 18:15
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He finished 10th, if I read this right.

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Old 4 December 2016, 22:12
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I've heard he's in a "learning phase", the trainer doesn't know yet if he'll be better on a dirt or turf track yet. I've been trying to follow some on Sgt. Mac's Bar website.
“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere."
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