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Old 6 January 2018, 00:06
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I'm 3/4 through a re-re-re-read of Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, 1972. I've been a big fan of Hunter for many years, but it's always been mostly for his Gonzo antics and what he came to represent as a party animal.

This read through I've gained the knowledge of what a cogent political analyst and prescient prognosticator of policy he was. And, to boot, he was very young man when he wrote this particular book.

Every night when I close the book I shake my head and think how wonderful it would be to have him posting weekly dispatches on his observations of the political shit-show we've seen for the past 3 years.... Can you imagine him covering the campaign in '16, the convention and then the election and now the first year of the Trump administration? It would have been a glorious thing....
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Old 6 January 2018, 08:14
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HST was the man...God Bless Him.
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Old 8 January 2018, 08:50
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Battle For Baqubah: Killing our way out, By 1SG Robert S. Colella, Retired.
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Old 8 January 2018, 18:52
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Just finished Defeat into Victory by Field Marshal Sir William Slim.

Prior to that I read The Air Force Way of Way of War: US Tactics & Training after Vietnam.
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Old 18 January 2018, 07:59
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Unrepentant Sinner by Charles Askins.
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Old 2 February 2018, 19:56
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Just finished "Ghost Fleet". It's required reading for a class I'm taking. Very well-written page-turner; and it reads more like a documentary than a fictional novel. Pretty damn scary.
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Old 2 February 2018, 21:59
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Just finished "Unrepentant Sinner" by Col. Charles Askins after seeing it mentioned here. It is a good read. Tells about the early Border Patrol during Prohibition. Tells a bit about WWII in the European theater and the authors service in Vietnam during the 50's. I found it on Amazon, it is no longer in print.
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Old 6 February 2018, 07:14
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Donít pass by a book of Robin Sharma The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Iíve just finished with these reflections on life values.
The first issue was available in 1997 but it still a bestseller. Here is a review of this book https://zenhabits.net/book-review-the-monk-who-sold-his-ferrari

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Old 2 March 2018, 20:51
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Rereading “Team of Rivals.”
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