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Old 18 April 2020, 20:54
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VHF Marine Band & Airband on a Single Handheld Radio?

If the title hasn't made it obvious, let me begin by saying that my understanding of this stuff is painfully elementary.

If I'm correctly interpreting what I've recently read on wikipedia about Airband and Marine Band, their each just groups of frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum (108–137 MHz and 156–174 MHz, respectively). Are there handheld radios that can cover that entire range (108–174 MHz)?

I want to be able to talk to a helicopter on VHF Airband (123.45) and maritime vessels on VHF Marine Band (156.500, i.e. - "channel 10") without carrying two radios. One, waterproof handheld radio with a port for a flight helmet adapter would be optimal. I just haven't yet been able to zero in on such a thing.

Any guidance from folks more knowledgable about this stuff would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

– Bernd
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Old 18 April 2020, 21:26
Akheloce Akheloce is online now
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Not gonna happen with an off the shelf product.

Not legal per BS FCC regs.

VHF Air is AM, VHF Marine is FM... receivers can be had but not transmitters.

Closest you're gonna get is a Baofeng cheap handheld that transmits all over the place, but FM only.
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Old 18 April 2020, 22:45
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There is a way to make an ICOM ID-51 handheld do this, but you need a license...
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Old 19 April 2020, 04:22
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