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Old 7 November 2018, 19:03
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Ideal Home Gym?

So I have a home gym in the garage, and am considering upgrading it to an "ideal" home gym with a few more additions. Not a lot to be honest...

I'll list what I think my ideal gym is, but am chasing members' thoughts as I know there's equipment/methods out there that I haven't considered.

I'm focused on two aspects:

1 - Conditioning
2 - Strength / Rehab / Maintenance

So as follows:

1 - Conditioning

- "Assault Bike"*
- SkiErg* (Really like the look of this)
- Rower
- Woodway "person powered" Treadmill**
- Boxing bag
- Pack (Pack walks)
- Prowler Sled
- Battle Ropes
- Am considering the "Inertia Wave" bands*...anyone used them?

2 - Strength / Rehab / Maintenance

- Squat rack/cage, with pullup bar, and lat pulldown attachment
- Bands
- Adjustable seat/bench
- Oly bar & weights
- Trap Bar*
- Dumbells
- Kettlebells
- TRX & Rings
- Tyre/Tire

* - To get
** - Upgrade from current 20 yr-old weary electric treadmill

I know I'm looking at doubling/tripling up on some equipment, but I like a little variety in my training. Plus it means the wife and I can train together.

Anything obvious that I've missed out on, or should avoid?

Thanks in advance.
"Amateurs train until they get it right. Professionals train until they can't get it wrong." - Unknown
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