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Old 20 May 2017, 22:28
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kel tec sub2000

Anybody had their hands on one of these? I have about a half a bushel of Beretta mags in my shop doing nothing. I like the idea of having a sub gun that I already have unlimited mags for.

I've never owned a Kel Tec firearm, don't want to spend the money on it if it's going to be a piece of shit.
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Old 21 May 2017, 09:35
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Yes. That is the exact gun I went to the LGS to check out.

I did not get a chance to shoot it. In the hand it didn't feel like there was much there. So much so, that I wasn't prepared to pay money for the thing.
The LGS was touting it as, "oh, the local sheriff's deputy's have them, and oh, these are so great, & etc."
IIRC it was in the mid to high $300 range(?)

I then traveled the 60-odd miles to Academy to find and handle the Beretta CX4. Price there at Academy was $750-ish.

I promptly went home and found a deal Online for the CX4 for $525 with two 17 round mags and a 30 round mag, Hard Shell Case & with free shipping; Botach.

The CX4 I always thought looked strange or Ghey as hell. But it's truly a much more substantial weapon compared to the Kel-tec on a hand held comparison.

The CX4 is a fun weapon to shoot. Beretta also has extensions you can add on to increase length of pull.
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Old 21 May 2017, 20:08
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I bought a Keltec SUB-2000 Gen 2/Glock 17 model which I sold a very short time ago. I never fired it because I decided I wanted to buy a SIG MPX 9mm instead..

Having said that, they appear to be outstanding rifles for a great price.

There's many, many videos on youtube reviewing them.

Dealer cost is about $225 on them so $300 or less would be a good price to pick one up at.
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Old 21 May 2017, 20:45
Hostile0311 Hostile0311 is offline
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I've fired the Glock version Bettendorf mentioned above. A buddy of mine brought it to the range one day. It's a cool little gun to throw in a back pack, bug out bag or under the seat in the truck.
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Old 21 May 2017, 20:54
Gsniper Gsniper is offline
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Yeah, I'm kind of thinking truck gun for it. Fold it up and put it under a seat.
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Old 21 May 2017, 22:51
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I have the .40 cal version that takes Glock mags. I've got maybe 500 rounds through it and generally like the gun. Folded it fits inconspicuously into a laptop computer bag if you like your concealed weapon to have a little more bang in it. At the range, I can pick it up from a table and rapid fire at silhouette targets 50 yards away with significant success. The ammo and mags are easily available and affordable. I paid about $350 for mine. The only two downsides I have noticed are: 1) that the sights take some getting used to and are not very ergonomic (with a laser mounted on it I can hit silhouettes at 90 yards, so the limitation is in the sights or the shooter, not the weapon or the ammo); and 2) it is tricky to get the bolt reinstalled when fully disassembled for cleaning unless you happen to have a long sturdy flathead screwdriver on hand. The trigger is tough but not sensitive, but nobody will ever mistake this for a precision sniper weapon. There is practically no recoil, so rapid fire mag dumps with all going into the target at long pistol distances are well within the capabilities of even a novice shooter. With lots of practice, better sights, or a laser similar results are achievable at closer to 100 yards. It isn't exactly a rifle or pistol so it has niche applications and is only situationally useful, but I like the combination of price, firepower, portability, and ease of concealment.
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Old 22 May 2017, 11:39
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This has been on my shortlist for about 6 months, primarily for all the reasons already stated; throw it in a bag, same ammo and mags as my G19. There are a bunch of aftermarket parts for them as well.
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Old 29 June 2017, 15:46
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Well, I bought one and put it thru the paces this morning. Here are my observations:

Sights - Peep rear and post similar to M4 in front. However, windage and elevation both are adjusted on the front sight. No problem zeroing it, standard detent pin type turnable front post with a screw on rear of front sight that does windage. Has a front rail, not sure if I'm going to a CCO type sight or staying with irons.

Mag release is a little out of place, takes some getting used to, It's high on the pistol grip on L side. Have to break firing grip to drop mag.

Trigger is heavy, but we're not dealing with a sniper rifle here.

Folds simply and neatly by pulling the trigger guard down to unlock. One concern was when folded, the chamber and bolt face are wide open to getting debris in the action, which could cause problems.

Shot about 200 rds thru it this morning, standard ball and hydro-shok, zero malfunctions.

Bolt handle is on bottom of stock, takes some getting used to, but that does make it ambidexterous for you lefties. Does not lock back on empty mag, which I don't like, but hey, can't have it all.

Supported at 50yd I was getting about a 1.5" group. Not exactly a tack driver, but my same shot group at that range with my pistol would have looked like rat shit in a dresser drawer. I have old man eyes and was having trouble focusing on the front sight. Would tighten up with an optic.

Used only stock G17 mags, they worked fine, may buy a couple of 30's for it.

Easy to disassemble and clean.

I plan to buy a cheapo computer bag and put it and about 5 mags in the back of my Tahoe. Easy access to the G17 up front and have the carbine in the back if needed. Like the commonality of mags and ammo.

Paid $319 for the gun. So far I like it a lot. Going to take it to the local IDPA match in July and give it a bit of a workout.

It's ugly, but it's light and shoots well.
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Old 6 July 2017, 15:28
foxcolt13 foxcolt13 is offline
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but my same shot group at that range with my pistol would have looked like rat shit in a dresser drawer.

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Old 15 July 2017, 15:08
Gsniper Gsniper is offline
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Well, shot it at the local IDPA match today. It performed very well. Only a couple of small issues:

Front site rear aperture just a tad small for quick sight alignment.

Sights just a tad low, hard to get good cheek weld.

Bolt not locking back on empty mag is going to take some getting used to.

It functioned flawlessly. Very little muzzle jump, so it's difficult to get the sights lined up quickly but when you do you can really pump the rounds center mass as fast as you an squeeze em.

Overall I'm very, very pleased.
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Old 9 February 2018, 01:52
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I have a gen 1 in .40 that is set up to take Glock mags. It has been, and is a great gun. No issues with any ammo so far and spot on accuracy out to the 75 yards I have set it up for. Working plainclothes as a LEO it was simpler to keep it in a laptop bag with a half dozen stick mags (folded) than an AR; most of the time. Now I have mod'd mine. I have the Red Lion adjustable front sight, the Kel-Tec quad rail (with red dot and M3 weapon light), Tacticool's buffer & bolt tube cover, and a single point sling. It is not a replacement for my patrol rifle but definitely was able to go places that couldn't. Plus my duty G23 or my ankle gun (G27) could all share, mostly.
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