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Old 10 April 2018, 17:35
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Can somebody just direct a death ray from some metaphorical battlestar and destroy the Star Wars galaxy?

The whole enterprise has become a parody of itself, one of the worst movies I've sat through in awhile.
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Old 10 April 2018, 17:50
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Good flick, looking fwd to the next one.
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Old 10 April 2018, 18:01
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The guy in the row in front of me had it on and I was glancing at it on occasion. What struck me was the early ones were so epic for the FX. I guess we have become expectant because without sound the it didnt seem very grand. Whats worse is that whatever I was watching was so unremarkable I cant even remember what it was and it was yesterday.
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Old 11 April 2018, 19:42
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Watched this yesterday. It was boring, to be honest. Tried too hard to insert classic moments from the original trilogy, far too quickly for the story-line, and those moments just became eye-rolling moments.

I was disappointed.
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