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Old 12 November 2012, 11:16
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This is some real boring stuff, but technically you can't even take a FM or Technical / Training guide overseas without a export certificate. If you are trying to buy a plate carrier that has no ballistic protection you should be able to order and ship those all day long.
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Old 12 November 2012, 17:31
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This is what I was referring to- It doesn't matter if it was transferred or not (to my understanding) simply removing it from the U.S would be considered a violation of either ITAR or AECA. This is why the PMDDTC issued this clarification.

Originally Posted by B 2/75 View Post
There is no ITAR impact: you are not transferring the military equipment / technology / training from the USofA to a foreign entity, so ITAR doesn't apply at all. If you were an Afghani snobgobbler who lived outside the gate and scored a job with a US-based company who determined it was necessary to issue you a set of armor, then ITAR issues would likely apply, but only for the US-based company... you being the LEP will not even hear of ITAR.
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Old 13 November 2012, 01:38
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Originally Posted by drifter15s View Post
The reason given on most reputable sites is ITAR

Most companies have a string of lawyers working for them, or at least on retainer. Most companies that produce goods or offer services governed by ITARS will have at least on compliance officer who specialized in that area of law. It is complicated to say the least.

If they quote ITARS, it is for a reason. Perhaps they are unaware of exceptions that have been quoted here. Perhaps those don't apply.

Simple answer? If you believe the exceptions apply to you, have an agent in the States receive and forward the carrier to you. Problem solved. If not, have an agent in your corporate headquarters, who likely has an export certificate, receive and forward the equipment to you.
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Old 13 November 2012, 04:03
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The carrier is no issue to ship.
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Old 13 November 2012, 19:42
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Amazon won't even ship watches internationally due to the confusion surrounding ITARS.

When ITARS came out, Dyn gave us all lectures about how us Foreign Nationals couldn't even fly to / from the US with anything electronic.

ITARS gets blamed / used a lot.
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