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Old 2 April 2014, 15:32
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Question Teen Strength Training

I have a 13 year old 7th grader who is starting to hit the gym with me. We have a home built gym that we use about 3-4 nights a week right now. He is a D/O lineman and basketball player and currently sits at 6’2” 211 pounds and wears size 14 basketball shoes. He is a really big kid that is decently strong with a large frame/ bone structure and well into puberty.

Right now he is lifting “heavy” (~ 70-80% of max) with low reps (4-5). We did spend about 6 weeks with very low weight helping him with form and posture although he still wobbles a bit under heavy loads (and this does concern me). Typical upper body routines include flat bench, incline, sand bag push-presses, bent-over rows and pushups as well as some punching bag work. Lower body is a mix of traditional deadlift, trap-bar deadlift, box jumps with Bulgarian bags and various lunges, squat thrusts and burpees. He also pushes my little Nissan around a parking lot once a week or throws the sandbag around the yard for a few laps (yes- neighbors think we are weirdos, when asked my son simply tells them he is in trouble for eating all of my food). We are also starting to incorporate very light weight clean and jerk movements/ training mainly for form work and fun.

I know there are some real fitness gurus on here so I was looking for some feedback. I have never trained with someone this young and I am concerned we are doing a bit much or maybe just the wrong type of exercises for what we are trying to achieve (explosive power that’s “functional”). Plus there appears to be significant confusion and controversy per allowing young teens to lift “heavy” so thoughts on that are also welcomed.

This is all really being pushed by my son oddly enough (although he loves his X-box and airsoft time too). I just want to make sure we do this smartly without hurting him and help him reach his goals.
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