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Old 20 August 2018, 16:08
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Angry VA pharmacy... complaint.

So went to go see my primary care VA doctor a week ago at the local outpatient clinic. Had some bad and irritating fungus on the bottom of my right foot - that over the counter stuff was not stopping. So they have me prescription for some medicated prescription cream. But said cannot pick up at the local pharmacy we normally use, the VA pharmacy will mail to me. Told me they would have it sent overnight so could get treatment started asap! Well here now seven days later it finally arrives in the mail. Sigh.... VA efficiency.
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Old 20 August 2018, 16:35
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You forgot to factor in the VA processes times
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Old 20 August 2018, 18:12
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When I had my back surgeries this spring I used the Vet's Choice program, where the VA pays for the surgery at a civvie hospital. They wouldn't let me leave the hospital until I had a walker and bedside shitter, which the VA was giving them a jack job on paying for. I said fuck it, put on my credit card so I could get the fuck out of there. The VA called me 8 days later at home and told me my stuff was ready to be picked up.

I wouldn't let those fuckwads fix my lawnmower, much less actually treat me for something.
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Old 20 August 2018, 21:12
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They can provide none of the meds my heart doctor provides. Then they want to ask why I go to him and not them? They did send me some fish oil about a month after my last appointment.
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Old 20 August 2018, 21:49
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My last visit, I told them to send me my meds by mail, 3 days later I got it.
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