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Old 10 March 2003, 22:48
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Exclamation Welcome to SOCNET...FNGs READ

Welcome to SOCNET.

You have now entered a new and curious sort of place on the internet. This is not your StudentDoctorNet and this is not your chat room.

This bulletin board is the home of Special Operations Operators past and present. We come here to chat amongst brothers, shoot the shit, and keep up to date on the SpecOps world.

Everyone here who has been cleared for BTDT status is a bona fide Spec Ops personality. If you're an FNG, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT question the creds of a BTDT. If a poser stumbles across these boards, he will be caught in our L shaped ambush, and he will be ousted. Leave the Poser busting to us.

BTDTs post on the boards because they love the jobs they do or did, and would like to share their experience with those who possess the drive and intelligence to do those very jobs. We enjoying helping good people realize their dream of doing the jobs that we hold in high esteem. That said, if you have done your research, and have an intelligent question or comment to add to the boards, please do. If the question is clear, concise and respectful, it will receive an intelligent answer. If it is not, woe unto you sir, for once again I say to you that this site is like no other that you have ever been to. You WILL get scorched.

Do not talk shit if your status does not warrant it, i.e. if you have less than 25 posts, your humor is probably not funny to us. Do not be a smartass until you have at least 35 posts, and only then, on a CASE by CASE basis, will you be allotted this privilege.

I, and others here, treat this site like the military. If you think thats stupid, LEAVE, because I don't give a fuck. If however, you intended to join the Military, then you should understand that this site is very representative of a barracks room atmosphere and that you could stand to learn a lot by observing it.

We are not here to be politically correct and we don't give a damn if you think we're assholes.

Criticism and Sarcasm are on tap here and we've got plenty of Kegs.

This isn't grade school and there are such phenomenons as stupid, ill-researched questions.

If you have thin skin, you had better just go ahead and leave now.

If you're an FNG, looking to ask a BTDT about a job they once did, address them with the respect they have earned when asking a question. Anything else will be treated in various ways depending on who you disrespected. Either way, it won't be pleasant. Some of these men guard the gates and hold the keys to the various units you may wish to enter, be wary of this.

Do not talk shit to, or attempt to regulate, any other FNGs. If they are out of line, either an Admin or a BTDT will address it.

The Admins on this site are second to none; they are all vetted BTDT's in SpecOps units who have volunteered their time to do housekeeping duties on this site. They are unbiased and extremely professional. By this I mean: (1) Fuck around and they will axe you post haste. (2) Tread lightly and observe the rules and you will find your experience here enjoyable.

Follow the lead of the other squared away Wannabes and you will do fine. Also, on SOCNET there are a great number of Non-BTDTs who have been here A LOT longer than I, and they have earned the utmost respect on this site. Don't Fuck with them, most of them are ex-Military and could probably kick your ass. The others are respected for various other VERY good reasons, don't fuck with them either.

OK, enough rules, here is why this place rocks.

On these boards reside Special Operations warriors from Korea to "tomorrows war" and everything in-between. More than a couple of these men are legends inside and outside the Spec Ops community and I am humbled that they even allow me to be among them. To that end, nowhere on the internet, or in the real world for that matter, can you find the depth of experience that exists on these boards. If your squared away, know how to use your ears (eyes in this case) and are here to learn, meaning "Read MORE, Post LESS" then you have come to the right place.

Have fun, read some stories, and post when you feel comfortable that you are not going to step on your dick.

Once again, Welcome to SOCNET. Tread lightly.


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