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Old 15 March 2018, 17:20
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Sexual assault at Graf Elementary

There was a story at Stars & Stripes that caught my attention today (AP link - search the headline to find the longer S&S article). In 2015, a family at Grafenwoehr reported that their first-grade daughter was assaulted by a first-grade boy. It eventually turned out that this boy had assaulted several other girls: kissing, digital penetration in the classroom. All pretty extreme for a seven-year-old boy to be doing.

S&S and the AP got ahold of the story via the parents' frustrations over lack of action by DODEA, CIC, and DA. everyone's position seemed to be that they couldn't do anything because he was a civilian and so young.

I recall hearing that dependents' behavior could have repercussions on the service member, at least back in the 80s when I was in. As in, "control your kid or you're in big trouble." At the very least, couldn't someone have forced the family to go back to the states?

And aside from anything else, why wasn't there an investigation into why this seven-year-old kid is assaulting girls? That's not normal behavior and strongly suggests the kid is being abused himself. From what the AP report says, it sounds like everyone just threw up their hands.
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Old 15 March 2018, 17:36
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DODEA is a joke.
This isn't their first coverup failure.
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Old 15 March 2018, 18:19
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That is not child-invented behavior. It is learned behavior.

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Old 15 March 2018, 18:36
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Originally Posted by SN View Post
DODEA is a joke.
This isn't their first coverup failure.
If that's what used to be DODDS, yep, nothing new.
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Old 15 March 2018, 20:29
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I doubt that there is any basis to charge the 7 year old either under German law, or use of MEJA as he is too young to be brought into a US District Court. Over the years, about the only thing that I saw commanders do, is order early return of the dependent along with a bar letter to prevent the parents from brining the child back in a non-SOFA status and trying to smuggle him back into housing. If the sponsor violates the bar letter, then the command took action against the parent.
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Old 15 March 2018, 21:30
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DoD has always had difficulty dealing with issues involving non-military people under their jurisdiction. It's the nature of the beast.

At the same time, there are LOTS of examples of US schools making the same mistakes, both now and in the past.

I am not trying to make light of the victim's suffering or allegations, but it is somewhat ignorant to pretend that this is a problem unique to DoD.
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