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Old 28 November 2012, 19:00
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Ok gentlemen-

I have lurked on here for a couple of months, gained some valuable information from a buddy who is in the field and this website(importance of resumes, ESI school in the above post, which I am planning and coordinating as we speak).

I have a few questions that maybe you guys can answer-

* When I send resumes out, it just feels like I am throwing them into the void of the internet.
Being my first contract, (1) What would help me stand out, I am an 11b deployed in support of OIF, MITT team, etc. I have added an Associates Degree and will attend a PSD course in the spring.
(2) How long has it taken some of you guys to get picked up for the first time? What are things that I should keep in mind?
(3) In the mean time, what other courses should I look into? I see the above post talking about ESI, and EMT certification. That will be put on my to-do list.
This is something that I really want and I would like as much information as possible about it so I can be as prepared and effective as possible.
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Old 28 November 2012, 19:12
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Might get some of your questions answered here...
"...for those who man the battle line, the bugle whispers low, and freedom has a taste and price the protected never know..."

While true:
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Old 28 November 2012, 20:51
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Thank you-- it did help some.
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Old 22 January 2016, 22:28
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Hey guys, anyone who's gone through the DoS WPS 46(?) day course that can give insight into how it was? Waiting on word for my start date, curious about what to bring, how the day to day grind was, etc. Thanks fellas, much appreciated.
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