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Old 9 August 2017, 08:01
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Thanks TFG.

I start tracking metrics and adding stress to drills as soon as I feel solid in their execution.

I haven't been able to add range fitness stress up to this point but I'm helping a friend build a range on his property so hope to in the near future.
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Old 9 August 2017, 18:26
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Originally Posted by Hot Mess View Post
Kind of. For shooting be fast where you can and slow down where you need to. You can rip that thing out of the holster and get it out there quick, then slow down a hair for your sight pic and trigger squeeze. I might be so fast I'm grabbing some cover shirt but I'm also getting it out there quickly and I can fix my grip enough and still get accurate hits in time.

I've also heard the term "shooter solution". Which is just how fast an individual can accurately engage targets. If you can bang that trigger at 25m and get A zone hits, rock on. Or if you can run down a hallway and hit center mass, awesome.
This has taken me awhile to find that balance, but finally it sort of just clicked one day and my times dropped significantly.

And what it reminded me of was the speed at which you can smoothly push a circular-saw through a long piece of 3/8" plywood. Too slow, and you're just fucking around and wasting seconds. Too fast, and you start to bind and smoke the blade.

The "perfect" slow-smooth-fast speed (for me) felt much the same to my muscle memory. Now, if I just had the eyesight of a 20yr-old I could be pretty fast.
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Old 10 August 2017, 15:26
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I use this link quite a bit to work on drawstroke-quick-first-shot drills in front of the bigscreen. I have a dedicated laptop HDMI'd into the TV, and it works well. Sub-One-Second drawstroke and first shot off. I'll also throw a couple small yellow stickys out to the sides of the screen for working quick follow-up transitions.

IF you have trouble getting the links to open, download the .swf file and manually open it in internet explorer.

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