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Old 20 October 2015, 09:39
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NG SF to Active Duty ascensions

Is anybody out there involved with the program at Bragg where they take NG guys who for whatever reason want to try to get on active duty?

I have a good friend there right now who is an 18F trying to retain his MOS when he goes back to an ODA, and apparently that fate is in doubt. He's a great dude, very intelligent, and made a hell of an 18F, including doing the job during one of his 3 combat deployments. It would be a waste for him to have to revert to his old MOS just because he is National Guard. (and he went to the course after I did, so it wasn't the old ONI course with paper maps and soviet symbols and whatnot). So if somebody works there or knows somebody there, please PM me so I can vouch for this guy.
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19 Oct 2017
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