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Old 26 September 2018, 12:03
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Originally Posted by Azatty View Post
It's a 47 ninja problem, IMHO--a situation you imagine by suspending reason and probability in an effort to create a impossible problem.

1. The majority of sea life can't fuck you up badly enough to require a TQ. Sharks maybe, but the empirical research on them indicates they study humans before biting, and if your SA is so lacking that you don't notice a shark eyebanging you, you shouldn't be in the water. And only one diver fatality from a shark attack occurred in 2017, so probably not very likely to happen. Humboldt squid are a possibility, but if you're diving with them you signed a waiver and stupidly agreed to be bait on a chain in blue water so that you can see them.

2. Most diving environments don't cause the kind of injuries where a TQ is needed. If you want to dry hump a coral head until your femorals are cut, I suppose that's a case where it could happen. I suppose it could happen in wrecks, too, but I think that would involve something falling on you or slamming on you, and that is most likely a serious problem by itself.

3. Boat props are a likely cause of a TQ-worth injury, but that's a surface injury. Spearguns/punctures are also possible, but punctures generally don't require a TQ unless a big artery got nicked and the puncture is pretty big.

4. Self-applied TQs are unrealistic. No shit, there you are, underwater with 40 pounds of unwieldy kit, an exposure suit, and a massive wound quickly bleeding out, dropping your core temperature, and pushing you into shock while a cloud of blood rapidly surrounds you. But never fear, you are IuseaTQforacockringbecauseImsuchabadassdiver, so you didn't spit out your regulator while screaming in pain and panic, and you suppressed the entirely reasonable urge to un-ass the water so you could address the problem at depth and show off your skills. Oh, and you're possibly wearing 5mm neoprene gloves which kill your tactile abilities and manual dexterity. You calmly reach into your BCD pocket for your handy TQ, find nothing, realize you still have it on your dick because you had an orgy with all the Sweden Air stewardesses on the island before the dive, remove it from your dick, and expertly place it around the extremity and coolly exit the water. Right. You're probably fucked up and fighting to stay conscious if you have a life-threatening injury underwater.

I express no opinion concerning combat diver use of TQs. I can imagine one-and-a-half ninja-type problems arising in combat.

By that logic I shouldn’t carry a TQ on land either as in my decades of life I’ve never needed one applied to me, the statistics for needing one are low (for me or someone else) and certainly couldn’t use one in cold weather with gloves/heavy clothing and all, and certainly couldn’t keep calm enough to apply one (because training sides to work) let alone have a buddy help me (because I only dive solo), etc... but I can breathe on land so it’s not an issue, right?! Shit, I guess I don’t need to carry a gun either as the same can be said for that. Or homeowner’s insureance since my house won’t catch on fire...not with a FD around. Why do I pay for car insureance too if it’s statistically low that I get into an accident?!

I think that’s fallacy logic and the wrong train of thought.
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