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Old 26 July 2020, 19:36
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K-9 usage correct?

This just happened recently in my city - and things are about to get blown up. We maybe seeing some serious riots in my area over this - has me concerned as my business of course is right in middle of due Tuen area near police station and courthouse. The fuel is being prepped and ready to ignite.

K-9 used to assist in restraining/arresting a non complying black man. Dog goes for the neck, not an arm or leg. Suspect receives near fatal wounds on neck.

No experience working with trained K-9 dogs, are they trained to go for the throat/neck?

Would like your opinions. Within policies or excessive use of force? In my view even though the suspect appears to be POS, and failed to comply with Officers demands - the dog attacking his throat is way overkill. Amazing the suspect did not get killed. After handcuff, Dog is taken off. Dog told. “Good boy “ and first aid applied.

Excessive use of force maybe. But don’t agree with the rhetoric the lawyers and activist are spewing that the officers only did it cause he was black. Not a race issue. They would have done the same if was white trash as well. My communities George Floyd.....sigh.

Bad optics all around.
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