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Intell Analyst, Fort Bragg, TS/SCI

SB Approved.

Intelligence Analyst position, Fort Bragg, NC, TS/SCI

The Intelligence Analyst's (IA) primary purpose will be working with other platform personnel to define intelligence requirements. This effort will require that IAs collect all source information to prepare targeting packages and develop targeting lines effort. IAs will define target information gathered from platform personnel, other parts of USG, open source and foreign government intelligence. They will couple target definition with timely reporting on open and unmet intelligence requirements and update the unit on requirement status.

Basic Qualifications

Intelligence Analyst

* 5 Years experience
* Multiple deployments performing field Intel for collection/analysis
* Documented experience generating operations-related Intel products
* Familiarity with international cultural and regional dynamics
* Multiple deployments performing intelligence work associated with a Task Force Targeting Officer or non-DoD equivalent.

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