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Old 3 May 2017, 09:01
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Just finished:

"The Secret War: Spies, Codes And Guerrillas, 193945"

Max Hastings

Just started:

"Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operations of the US Army's Elite, 19561990"

James Stejskal
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Old 4 May 2017, 21:24
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It may just be horror porn, but I'm re-reading Stephen King's IT. SUPER excited about the movie remake coming out this fall.
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Old 8 May 2017, 09:45
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Don Mann's SEAL series.
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Old 8 May 2017, 10:40
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Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay. Very insightful book that hit close to home. The insight into the Iliad was interesting, as it's something I've read a few times but never looked at it as an authentic account of combat. I just found it be quite accurate.
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Old 9 May 2017, 02:56
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Tribe, Sebastian Junger.
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Old 17 May 2017, 21:30
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Fear, Ranulph Fiennes. Very interesting book but mostly (so far) seems like stories of what has scared him, what has scared other people he knows and what scares people he's read about. Not sure how (or if) he's going to tie it all together....
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Old 18 May 2017, 13:55
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The Killing School. Interesting read.
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