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Old 8 August 2018, 16:35
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Scam Allert

I'm getting emails that there is a problem with my account at the Navy Federal Credit Union; web address includes "onlineteamfederal@......". I don't have an account with the Navy Credit Union and thought some here might want a heads-up if they do.
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Old 8 August 2018, 17:01
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I'd dispatch Wilberforce Winthrop III to take up the case, but since it's only an "allert", as opposed to an "alert", I think I'll have him stand down.
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Old 8 August 2018, 17:34
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Seems that NFCU is aware of this.
It's probably old news to many people here, but phishing emails all follow the same routine. They aim to get your info so it can be used for credential stuffing, for example. Best course of action would be to not respond, just contact the service provider in question using contact info posted on their website. Don't click any links and don't call any numbers that are inside such an e-mail. And don't open any attachments.

The phishing emails can be deceptively close to original ones in terms of their layout and even lingo used so examining extended headers is a good thing. Here's how to do it in Outlook and in Thunderbird. If the message is fake, the sender's e-mail will be different or similar but not exactly the same as the original one.

Most, if not all, service providers (including banks) have specific e-mail formatting (sometimes when the e-mail contains attachments such as invoices, receipts etc they add a qualified digital certificate (with *.sig extension) so the recipient can verify the identity of the signee) and specific e-mail address for contact with customers. So the aim of these fake e-mails is to catch unwary new customers or the long-time customers who've grown too confident and might accidentally slip up.

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Old 8 August 2018, 22:07
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I get emails all the time that hit my spam section some get thru, If I happen to open it my security software will tell me it's not safe to open. I use Norton, so far it has saved me form getting hacked. The ones I love are the phone calls, If I don't recognize the number, I let it go to my answering machine. If it is a local number, I'll answer, Joes bar & Grill. The other day I had a call from the NRA, they asked for me, I stated he's not here right now, The lady on the phone asked when will he be back.
I stated he is in the hospital an not sure when he will be home,

The best part the wife's caregiver heard me, she just started LOL

Original release date: August 07, 2018
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released an article on building a digital defense against a fraud that uses Facebook’s texting app—Facebook Messenger. Scammers send messages that appear to be from trusted sources or trick users into clicking on malicious links or sharing personal information. Before clicking on links, users should verify the validity of the message with the sender outside of the app.
NCCIC encourages users to review the FBI Article and NCCIC Tip on Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks for more information. If you believe you have been a victim of these scams, report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at .

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