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Old 1 July 2003, 02:33
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"SWAT" the movie

Theres a movie coming out soon based on the 70's tv show SWAT. Its starring Colin Farrel, and Samuel L. Jackson. Its "supposed" to realisticaly depict the LAPD Swat team. Ive only seen a few clips and it looks promising.
Theres entirely way too many movies that depict swat teams as a bunch on run and gun idiots, i cant really think of any movies that have "pulled it off" except for maybe "The Negotiator" but even that is way too dramatic and shows the FBI as a cliche, with agents wanting to go in and kill the perp. I hate that!
Old 2 July 2003, 14:08
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This movie also stars Mario Van Peeples so that tells you right there it's going to be a quality movie. :D

I thought it looked kind of cheesy but time will tell.
Old 2 July 2003, 16:50
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lol, well if the movie is anything like the 70's tv show then it should turn out to be a very corny movie!
Old 3 July 2003, 11:58
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Ya know...with as much effort as Hollywood puts into creating Seal/Ranger/SF/Sniper/bang-bangbigbudgetsupercooleveryweaponontheplanetisatmy disposalBS you'd think that they'd get real with the whole SWAT thing. Not that they do a fantastic job with the military side but, damn. At least they're accurate on some level. I'm sure there are plenty of retired off duty coppers out there who'd be thrilled to get into an "advisor" position and actually make some money.

Every SWAT cameo in any movie has left me sorely disappointed. Mario Van Peebles!?! The dude's a BOOB! Best thing he ever did was "Heartbreak Ridge" and that was only because he was playing a comedy part!!

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Old 4 July 2003, 14:49
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Very true PACMAN, Peebles was in "44 minutes" the movie about the Hollywood bank shoot out. The movie itself was actually done pretty well, but peebles acting was just a joke.
There are too many cliches and stereotypes that swat teams have. if u ask a normal person off the street what their take on a swat team is, it will probably be of guys shooting things up. when that type of stuff rarely ever happens.
Old 4 July 2003, 23:56
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Far as I can tell the only thing missing from the new SWAT movie is Charlie Sheen.

[BTW...the old SWAT T.V. series is out on DVD, makes you miss those old black ball caps]
Old 5 July 2003, 02:49
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lol, yeah Bill Paxton would be good too. He would be the first guy to either freak out or die.

by the way ill definitely check out the swat tv dvd thanks for tellen me.
Old 5 July 2003, 10:39
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I've got a bad feeling about this one...I think it will probably end up being those "only killed 4 people today. damn I'm getting rusty, gotta go jump off a suspension bridge to keep my edge" types of cheese-flicks in order to capture audiences, feed the stereo-types and sell tickets. If I see one report written, grand jury proceeding, or successful negotiation I'll be truly amazed!!

Our team has been asked to do some "dog-and-pony" for the local theatres for opening night. We've asked for an advanced screening to see if it's anything we want to be associated with.
Old 5 July 2003, 22:31
airbornelawyer airbornelawyer is offline
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They can go with a serious SWAT portrayal, or they can do an homage to 70s camp. We'll see (I haven't seen any previews, just a poster).

When we were kids, my brother and I used to sit on our bikes in the carport, and take off on cue to the Theme from SWAT to go fight bad guys (occasionally we were the paramedics from Emergency, though - "IV, D5W, Ringers lactate!").

Since agentcg mentioned "44 minutes", I should note that my brother actually had arrested one of the bank robbers, Emil Matasareanu, in Florida maybe a year before the North Hollywood shootout. I'm hazy in recalling the details, but I think it was a drug arrest.

Old 5 July 2003, 22:38
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Originally posted by airbornelawyer
When we were kids, my brother and I used to sit on our bikes in the carport, and take off on cue to the Theme from SWAT to go fight bad guys (occasionally we were the paramedics from Emergency, though - "IV, D5W, Ringers lactate!").
We always did The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
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Old 6 July 2003, 01:20
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TxsSwat if u get an advanced screening u should definitely give us a thumbs up or down.....SWAT style!

ok, what do u think is the best movie that portrayed a Swat team?
Old 6 July 2003, 17:42
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Trust me, it sucks. Friend worked post production on the movie, and he told me so...over, and over again. My one day set visit showed me everything I needed to see.

Small piece of trivia: a real live chase busted right through the set just east of downtown LA when they were filming (cameras rolling).
Old 7 July 2003, 00:07
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Yeah, i watched the trailer. All i have to tell u is one scene and it will be obvious what kind of movie this is ... the Swat guys chase a private jet across a highway.

im still gettin the 70s swat dvd set.
Old 8 July 2003, 08:18
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Yeah Siren, The Proffessional was a good flick. The SWAT tactics were crap though.
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Grumpy Mike
Old 8 July 2003, 09:35
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RE: "The Professional"

For those of you who enjoyed the movie but have not had the chance to view the unedited version, I highly recommend it.

There is about 15 more minutes of "training footage" and other stuff that really adds to the character and relationship development. You may be able to find it unde the original release name, "Leon."

Be warned though, there are several Asian editions out there that, despite having the name, "Leon," have almost identical editing as the American theatrical release.

Sorry, I'm just a bit of a movie geek.
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Old 8 July 2003, 19:34
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The Professional is a great movie up until the end im so sure a SWAT team would use a live grenade launcher. I think that the first half hour of "the negotiator" is the closest to a realistic showing of SWAT officers, but even that is over dramaticised.

Also check out the movie "Renegade force" AKA "Rogue Force", its a straight to video release that stars Mat Cooper and Robert Patrick. Its about a Police Swat team that starts executing bad guys on their own and the FBI HRT has to stop them. The movie is a little cheesey, but it goes to great legnths in order to convince the viewer that it is using actual Swat tactics. I give it a C+ for plot, but a B- for Swat realism.

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Old 8 July 2003, 19:45
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OK, consider this a self delete...system would not let me do it myself...
"This is no good."

Invictus Infectus Non Invertabus Pu

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Old 9 July 2003, 02:31
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The SWAT teams on "24" the series aren't too bad either.
Old 9 July 2003, 02:51
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The less realistic they are, the better off it is for us doing the job. This thread should be in the movie forum.
"Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought."- Henri Louis Bergon
Old 10 July 2003, 00:26
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Interesting theory Slick. Im just tired of wachen movies that have the same damn cliches.

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