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Old 21 February 2007, 22:48
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Sinai challenge coins

Does anyone know where I can replace a lost challenge coin? I was attached to 502 inf I beleive it was back in 1980-81. We deployed from Ft. Cambell to the Sinai under the MFO (Multinational Force and Observers).

We were issued challenge coins after our tour and my dumb ex wife lost everything but she is another story.

Also, During my tour we trained for scuba in the red sea..awesome. I beleive our instructor was SF out of the 5th Grp. I beleive his nam was CWO G. B

Anyone know this guy? I would love to just say Hey I still dive when I get the chance thank to him.

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Old 22 February 2007, 00:36
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Please check your dates and say again your rotation with MFO.
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Old 23 February 2007, 13:13
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No , I was attached from 502 signal bn at Ft. Cambell to 502 inf. I apparently had the date wrong and it was the summer of 1985. all my records and stuff was left with a bad marrige in Hopkisville KY. I'm trying to find out if it is remortely possible to get another coin for that mission.

I still hold very fond memories of that part of my service at Ft. Cambell. I was a Sgt at the time in MOS 05B - radio Communications.

I apologize for any confusion in this posting but, I can asure you I was there as i have stated. It was there i received my PADI instruction, visited Nama Bay, Elot Israel. I also remember there was a retired man who use to swim along the shore of the red sea everyday. I'm not sure if this is a private thread or not but I have no problem giving my name in a private thread.

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