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Originally Posted by Box View Post
it seems like every liberal talk show out there has fielded a discussion about how willing they would be to watch the economy tank if it meant getting rid of Trump
...but its the right that we should all be worried about

there is not enough ugly in the world for the left to ever really get what they deserve
there is barely enough ugly in the world to even up with leftist apologists
...yet - there are still countless people out there that will say, "I know what the left is doing is the root of the evil threat against liberty, but Trump should stop Twittering"

25 ultra leftwing nutjobs are all that democrats can find to run for president
they have clearly decided that this is the year to finally show their cards...
and it STILL isnt enough to make some people admit that there is a leftist agenda for "fundamentally transforming the United States of America"

buy hey - if President Trump would just "act presidential"
A current US military member just told me he can't understand why any soldier could vote for him, due to Trumps 'give myself a medal of honor' comments (which was clearly a damn joke). I said ' you mean vote for the first guy in 20 years to not send the military off to fight some shitty war for shitty reasons? They should have voted for the goddess of war herself, who'd have wrecked multiple countries by now, and already had a stack of 50k+ dead from her Libya escapade?

Piles of bodies vs rude comments. Libs: fuck it, I'll take the bodies.
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Originally Posted by Keganswar View Post

This will end badly especially in our current political climate. Since all other efforts to remove the President have failed the deck is being stacked to ensure that he will not be elected again. I am thinking the tactics are changing from Impeachment to do what ever it takes to not let the President get reelected again.Any harm done by the leftists communists will be met with a shrug of its worth.
I had read this earlier an thought what an who would have been president now & in the pass. What our U.S.A would be like today. Below is a picture of what people through the year 2000 would be like.
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Originally Posted by Box View Post
buy hey - if President Trump would just "act presidential"
Yeah, he's way low on the Presidential quota of banging interns, running guns to drug cartels, and suiciding people.
"....As far as "rights" are concerned... I look at them this way. I don't tell you what church to go to, and you don't tell me what kind of firearm I can own." GROG

If gun control laws controlled crime, we wouldn't need cops.
Finally, I believe that punishing lawful gun owners by creating new, more onerous laws, and restricting Constitutionally guaranteed rights, when we already don't enforce the tens of thousands of gun laws we have on the books, is like beating your dog because the neighbor's dog shit in your yard.
"The Reaper"
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