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Old 19 September 2020, 08:39
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AWS by Amazon

Anyone have experience with the AWS Training and Certification programs?

Opinions, thoughts? How do the certs compare with similar programs outside of Amazon?

I'm interested in the Learning Path programs for databases, data analytics, and machine learning.

To me, the syllabi look pretty light compared to other programs.
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Old 19 September 2020, 10:17
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I never used it but had to do a lot of research on it for another project. It appeared to me that the training was just enough to start the car but not really drive it. One of the AWS selling points, I believe is the freedom to manage your data as you please with some pretty powerful tools. One thing that struck me as "interesting" is the security is up to you to implement (or not) at least at your enterprise level. The AWS cloud has perimeter security, but securing your environment is your job.

I didn't get into the data management tools, but if you are like me, once you get into the environment (Get the car started) you will learn to drive it fairly quickly).
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