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Old 29 October 2018, 10:59
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I almost used him back when I was contracting, but didn't. I've worked at a large public accounting firm for 4 years.. I don't do taxes/ wealth planning, but I know some great people that do and am more than happy to connect anyone with those professionals. I value companies so my expertise is corporate finance and economic theory, but I'm also happy to help anyone with understanding their finances or translating some of the lingo for you as well
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Old 3 February 2020, 12:23
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I sent my tax info today to Melissa at FS tax group.

Melissa was doing a lot of Luke's work prior to him, "being absent" and then took over for him when we was "unavailable".

In my e-mail I told her say hi to Luke, I hope he is doing well (relatively) and if any news.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I received an e-mail back, not from Melisa, but from Luke himself!!

Luke says he is back, will get right to work on my taxes and has a bunch of stories from his experience, some funny.

Great to have him back and I look forward to corresponding with him again for my taxes!


"That's the problem with you people, you want results but you aren't willing to get your hands dirty!"

Jack Bauer
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Old 7 February 2020, 12:11
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As might be expected, I am continuing to use Luke as well. Last year I was just not comfortable enough with my own math and I felt I required some accounting work as well. Luke was able to refer me (he does taxes, not book keeping) and all was well.
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Old 7 February 2020, 13:19
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I still used his company last year and will continue to do so. Great to hear he's out.
"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Winston Churchill

Put a small child in a playpen with an apple and a bunny. If s/he eats the apple and plays with the bunny, s/he's normal;but if s/he eats the bunny and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car. Somewhere along the line we must have been TAUGHT to do the wrong thing.

Maynard James Keenan
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Old 7 February 2020, 13:54
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I've never been disappointed by Luke's work! Still using him...
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Old 6 March 2020, 14:09
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Originally Posted by Jong View Post
Well shit, guess I need to look for a new accountant.
Originally Posted by 256 View Post
Yikes, I emailed him just a few months ago asking if he was taking new clients. Can anyone suggest a good one?
Originally Posted by crapstash View Post
I agree here. He may be stellar a CPA, but this alone is enough for me to not associate my business dealings with him. And I can't fully believe he didn't know what was going on there. I mean, he is an accountant. How could you not know?
Burkhart Bookkeeping
Madison Street Clarksville, TN

She does the taxes for most guys contracting in this area since before 9/11. Saved me $$$. Very reasonable and fast.

Bonus- the owner is a no shit Irish redhead (older) but has her red headed, blue/green eyed daughters and grand daughters working there. I have to make an effort to NOT have my jaw drop every time I go there.
Shallow men believe in luck; strong men believe in cause and effect
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Old 24 March 2020, 10:08
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I used Luke this past year. I don't know if it was Luke himself or one of his associates but I had no issues at all and received a nice chunk of change back from the IRS
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