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Old 19 August 2012, 12:39
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Chicks dig scars
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RIP, There is a seat in Valhalla for you Gunny.
The Rain God is a pussy!

Originally Posted by SOTB
You're an Army dude, aren't you?
Originally Posted by MixedLoad View Post
Must have been my use of big words that gave it away.
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Old 19 August 2012, 14:02
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Semper Fi
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This has been a though month, I feel like we can't catch our breath.
RIP GySgt Ryan Jeschke aka Skeeter8654

You'll never be forgotten.
SSgt Greg "Old Man" Copes, USMC, KIA Aug 17, 2012. Rest in Peace my friend.

"I wish you could see, what I can see... Sometimes, you have to be up really high... To understand how small you are. I'm coming home now." Felix Baumgartner
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Old 19 August 2012, 16:24
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RIP, Marine.
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Old 19 August 2012, 18:51
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Sorry that I didn't see this sooner. Rest In Peace, Marines.
"The Armies of our ancestors were lucky, in that they were not trailed by a second army of pencil pushers".

I have been to some armorer courses.

Owner- Semper Paratus Arms, LLC
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Old 19 August 2012, 20:40
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"Somewhere, theres a skeleton, a book sack and a log with a fat girls signature " Jumpcut

" a world class ass-clown who is running this jack-assery version of laser tag" USMC_ANGLICO
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Old 19 August 2012, 23:21
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What terrible news, rest in peace Marine
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Old 19 August 2012, 23:30
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RIP Gunny and teammates. Thank you for your service. Semper Fi.
"..We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today who sheds his blood with me shall forever be my brother..."

"When your ruck gets too heavy, someone on this site will always help you carry it." - Chimo
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Old 20 August 2012, 07:42
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RIP Gunnery Sergeant.

Fair winds and following seas.
"Keep a sharp knife, shiny boots and be on time." - James E. Williams
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Old 20 August 2012, 10:54
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Rest easy, Gunny.

Semper Fi.
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Old 21 August 2012, 00:13
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RIP, Marine.
Government is an unregulated industry.

The 4 Soldierly Values: Candor, Courage, Competence, Commitment

Ekky Ekky Ekky Ekky p-Tang Zoo Boing mumble, mumble
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Old 21 August 2012, 03:54
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Just now saw this.

Your presence on the board will be missed by all.

RIP Gunny.
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Old 21 August 2012, 13:01
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I'm kind of a big deal
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RIP, Skeeter. Blue skies.
Some people call them "terrorists", these boys have simply been misguided
You know you smell badly when a hippy won't sit near you.
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Old 21 August 2012, 23:08
Chlorox Doctor
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I meant to post this earlier. Our own Skeeter made the front of the Union Tribune in San Diego last week. I saw it while at 7-Eleven and took a moment to take a few photos. It was pretty tough. Rest easy warrior and save the rest of us a place at the table.

You'll ride a black tornado across the western sky.
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Old 22 August 2012, 00:00
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Damn, just seeing this here. RIP brother.
“Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.” ~ General Mattis
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Old 22 August 2012, 08:08
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RIP Skeeter.

Thank you for your service.
The longer I live, the more I read, the more patiently I think, and the more anxiously I inquire, the less I seem to know... ~ John Adams
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Old 22 August 2012, 09:36
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RIP Gunny.
"Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."
- last words of Pancho Villa (1877-1923)
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Old 22 August 2012, 14:48
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Blue skies, Skeeter. Your Rick James avatar always gave me a laugh.
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Old 23 August 2012, 21:45
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In God We Trust...all others are suspect
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RIP Gunny Jeschke
Semper Fidelis
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Old 25 August 2012, 18:25
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My Heroes Wear Camouflage
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Rest in Peace Gunny. Thoughts out to your family and Brothers.
What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. - Pericles
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Old 26 August 2012, 17:28
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GYSGT Ryan Jeschke and his teammates were blessed in our Mass this morning.

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