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Old 10 March 2016, 01:49
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Patrocinium Systems

Has anyone heard of, or have any knowledge of Patrocinium Systems? I ran across their site a couple days ago and saw this job in particular

I've never heard of them and wanted to know if they're legit. As well as anyone's experience with them.
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Old 10 March 2016, 07:52
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I haven't heard of them.

Looking at their job board, I notice that the only jobs listed that are NOT marked "contingent on contract award" are: 1 DbA, 1 Java guy, 1 Sysadmin, and an Android developer. What this says to me from a govt contracts view, is that this a tech company who is trying to break into programmatic and security markets. They're most likely teamed with a large company who has a lead on a contract, who are teaming with Patro for the small business edge. The acquisition, procurement, and WPPS work does not seem to be in Patrocinium's core competencies at all.

Just my $.02, I'm curious to hear if anyone comes along w/exp.
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Old 10 March 2016, 09:14
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SD jobs are (as far as I know) only staffed by Host Nation FSN's, in particular the SD teams actually out conducting surveillance detection. There is only one gov agency that I know of who employs SD Teams, and that is DoS at Embassies abroad within the RSO section. All those jobs are staffed by locals in country. On some of their SD related job descriptions, it looks like they copied and pasted from a DoS vacancy announcement. Very strange indeed.
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Old 10 March 2016, 15:59
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The CEO's LinkedIn profile lists VP at DynCorp and CEO of Aegis. If true - looks like he's starting a new venture.
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